Build your apps entirely with front-end Javascript

The development platform built specifically for Javascript developers. jsRocket is a suite of back-end features managed via a simple UI and is accessible via our Javascript SDK.



jsRocket offers several authentication methods including email and social sign on, as well as user management.


All the power and flexibility of MongoDB with none of the management headaches.


Create transactional email messages in the UI then customize and send them from your app.

Hosted Functions

Execute and return values from front-end Javascript that is privately and securely run on the jsRocket back-end.

3rd Party APIs

Securely integrate with any 3rd party api right from your front-end application.


We provide full hosting for your Javascript web app, complete with support for custom domains and free, managed ssl.

New Features Added Every Month


Indie Devs are using jsRocket to launch their next idea.

Indie developers are using jsRocket to quickly develop and launch progressive web apps, HTML5 games and hybrid mobile applications without getting slowed down with server setup and back-end development.

Front-end Developers are using jsRocket to build complete apps.

Front-end developers are using jsRocket to develop complete, feature rich applications using only their expert knowledge of front-end Javascript.

Development Studios are using jsRocket to increase their profit margin on client projects.

By spending less time developing and maintaining client projects, studios are increasing their profit margin on applications developed using jsRocket.

Startups are using jsRocket to develop their MVP.

Few things are more critical to a startups success than the ability to move and iterate quickly. That's why startups are choosing to develop their MVP using jsRocket. Allowing them to quickly gather user feedback and test their hypothisis. Once an idea is ready to scale some startups easily disconnect from jsRocket and hook up to their own back-end apis while others choose to scale right on the jsRocket platform.


For the price you would expect pay for a base server you get a fully managed, feature rich rapid development platform that is ready to scale.

  • $20/mo.

    14 Day Free Trial
  • 1 GB Combined Storage
    ($5 per additional GB)
  • 1 M Requests
    ($5 per additional 1 M)
  • Unlimited apps
  • The full API suite including:
    • Authentication
    • Database
    • Email
    • Hosted Functions
    • 3rd Party APIs
  • Hosting with automatic SSL
  • Online code editor
  • Automatic backups
  • Support via email & chat
  • Emergency telephone contact


  • What happens when I start a free trial?

    You get a fully-functional account for 2 weeks, which gives you access to everything jsRocket has to offer. If you love it, your card will be charged a monthly fee at the end of that trial period. We'll even mail you a couple of days before your trial expires to remind you.

  • Our app is going to be huge, can you scale to meet our needs?

    The short answer is yes. For the majority of users our standard plan easily scales as their application grows over time. However if you are expecting a large spike in the near future, we recommend that you contact and let us know. We will work with you to make sure everything is ready. We also offer dedicated plans for our largest customers.

  • How do I get my data out if I cancel?

    If you decide to cancel your account, simply select the "I would like to export my data" option when canceling. Our systems will then begin to gather and gzip all of your data. Once that process is complete, you will be sent an email with a link and instructions on how to download.

  • What if I need help?

    We take support seriously, that is why all of our customers have direct access to our support team via email and are invited to join our private Slack group.


We are excited to be in open beta and to ensure a smooth and successful experience for all of our customers, we are currently throttling new signups. When you signup during the beta you are locked in at the reduced price of $20/mo for the life of your account. So claim your spot now and don't miss out.

Most new accounts are activated within three to five days.



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